Design of Experiments

This workshop is an advanced workshop that teaches the student how to design and analyse a factorial experiment. This is one of the key skills that separates the Six Sigma Black Belt from other improvement practitioners. 

A designed experiment allows us to perturb process input variables and then measure the effects of these changes on the process output. This type of analysis also includes changes to product design features and then measuring the effects on product performance. 

This workshop is well-suited for the technical persons responsible for product and process performance. 


2 day​​s
Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop, the participant will be able to;

  • Create a full factorial and a fractional factorial design.

  • Understand how to read a multifactor ANOVA table

  • Quantify the contribution of input variable changes on the response variable.

  • Generate valuable plots of the design.

  • provide a statistical model of a process using variables and data from a factorial design.

  • Manage an experiment in the workplace.

Class Schedule

Day One


Simple comparative experiments

Paired comparisons

Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

The 2k factorial design


Day Two

Fractional factorial designs


Plackett-Burman Designs

Design resolution

Design generators

Choosing a design for you

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