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Advanced Technical Problem Solving

A five-day on-site workshop


This is an advanced problem-solving training workshop for technical teams looking to develop their analytical skills.  Students will learn insightful techniques for solving complex technical problems.   


This workshop was developed by an ASQ certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and course developer at BC Institute of Technology. 

Students will also learn to use open-source software (R and RStudio) for generating plots and for statistical analysis. 

Your team will learn these techniques while using their own data.  Nothing enhances learning like relevant examples. 




Advanced Technical Problem Solving for Manufacturers and Product Developers (5 Days)

Day One

  • Cost of Quality

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Barrier Analysis

  • Confirmation Bias

  • Intro to R and RStudio

  • Looking at your Data - generating insightful charts

  • Basic Statistics Review

  • Probability Distributions

    • Normal ​

    • Binomial

    • Hypergeometric

    • Poisson 

Day Two

  • Sample Size Determination

    • Sample sizes for binary (e.g. pass / fail) data​

    • Sample sizes for variable data

  • Hypothesis Testing

    • One sample test of the mean

    • Two sample test of the mean

    • One sample test of the variance

    • Two sample test of the variance

    • ANOVA

  • Randomization distribution

Day Three

  • Simple Linear Regression

  • ​Residual Analysis

  • Predicting

  • Multiple Linear Regression

  • Logistic Regression

    • Logistic regression application in manufacturing​

Day Four

  • Statistical Thinking

  • Statistical Engineering

  • Finding the Dominant Source

  • Measurement Systems Analysis

  • Variation Reduction

Day Five

  • Resolution in Data Collection 

  • Multi Vari Analysis​

  • Extreme Value Testing

  • Tukey's End Count

  • Covariate Generation

  • Variance Components


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