This workshop introduces several problem solving tools for manufacturers. Students will develop their analytical thinking skills and will be able to apply statistical tools.

This is conducted on-site and can be customized with data from your processes. This provides the significant advantage of relevant learning material. 


Students will learn new skills and apply them right away in the classroom with data that they are very familiar with.  

This workshop is designed for technical employees in a group of 3 to 10 people



This is a unique workshop where you will learn valuable tips and techniques for collecting and probing data in an effort to uncover root causes of problems and dominant sources of variation in a process. This workshop will change the way you look at problems and provide you with a plan for making significant gains in reducing the costs due to Quality problems in your organization.


2 day​​s
Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop, the participant will be able to;

  • Approach Problem Solving in a structured, data-driven manner

  • Understand the structure of a multi-variable process problem

  • Determine sample size requirements

  • Understand variation reduction

  • Identify the dominant source of variation in a process

  • Generate covariates that can provide new information

  • Generate clues that lead to root cause

Class Schedule

Day One


Your company's Quality and process problems

Cost of Quality

Chronic vs Sporadic

Case Study - Product Variation

The Seven Quality Tools

Human Error

Using Data to Understand the Process

Case Study - Voice of the Process


Binomial Distribution

Day Two

Case Study - Corrective action done poorly

Sum of Variances Method
Clue Generating Techniques
     Extreme Value Testing
     Multi Vari analysis
     Paired Comparisons

     Generating Covariates
Case Study - Finding the dominant source

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