Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This workshop teaches the student how to set up the appropriate type of control chart for the process under study. SPC is one of the original Quality Control tools and is a valuable tool for understanding process behaviour.  


2 days​​
Topics Covered
  • probability concepts

  • Normal Distribution 

  • control chart limits

  • rational subgrouping

  • Western Electric rules

  • average and range charts

  • create an average and range chart in Excel and analyse

  • individual and moving range charts

  • create an I-MR chart in Excel and analyse

  • p-charts

  • create a p-chart in Excel and analyse

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop, the participant will be able to;

  • Understand and design for rational subgroups.

  • Define the concept of variation and describe it statistically. 

  • Select the right control chart for the application.

  • Analyse a control chart for statistically significant behaviour.

  • Create a control chart using Excel

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